Circuit de Lignières

«Circuit de Lignières»

A French officer by the name of Robert Souaille was the initiator of today's «Circuit de Lignières». In the 1950s, he worked with an organisation called, «Operation Sécurité», which established by the Banque de France. In 1961, Souaille laid the foundation for a test center in the small village between Biel and Neuchâtel. Back then, the test center was run by the «Institut International de Psychodynamie SA».

Souaille commissioned Hansmarkus Huber with the construction, a (then) young automotive engineer, who still enjoys vintage car racing.

Circuit 1961

The story of visionaries…

The construction of «Circuit de Lignières» in 1961 was much more than just the creation of Switzerland's own race track. Over 50 years ago, Robert Souaille already saw the urgent need for education and training for drivers of cars and motorcycles. In 1964, the 1,006 km short track was extended to 1,350 km, a distance that remains unchanged until today.

TCS Training & Events in Lignières

The training center closed in 1998. When it came up for auction in 2003, the TCS bought the site and carefully renovated and restored it.

As a result, the visions of Robert Souaille came full circle. Today, TCS Training & Events AG offers a range of safe driving courses, driver trainings, performance driving classes and two-phase driver trainings. In addition, the site and the professional instructors are available for corporate events, clubs and institutions.

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Circuit 2013

…and pioneers

Between 1961 and 1998, the «Circuit de Lignières» was not only a test center it also wrote Swiss motorsports history with all the highs and lows, many victories, even more defeats, countless friends and acquaintances, and an atmosphere which tens of thousands of spectators and visitors could take part in.

Year after year, Lignières Historique brings the history the track and many of those fuel-filled memories back to life.

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